To ensure the smooth running of your event, we have prepared a checklist of audio/visual requirements for Tim. We would be happy to discuss the checklist before the presentation date, so feel free to get in touch.

A pdf of these requirements addressed to the technical manager can be found here.



Projector checklist:

please confirm the projector you will use on the day is:
1) bright enough to be seen clearly with the house lights on, and
2) compatible with my Apple Macbook Air (11-inch, December 2010)

Presenter’s screen:

a second screen at the back of the room (or an LCD screen on the stage) allows me to keep my slides – and my audience, in my line-of-site at all times. This is desirable, but not essential.



Laptop amplification:

please confirm the audio from my Apple Macbook* will be amplified for this presentation. I almost always present videos/audio as part of my presentations.

Wireless lapel microphone:

if amplification is required, please confirm lapel mic will be made available.



Podium/elevated table for laptop, complete with mains power:

please confirm this will be made available to the side of stage.

Table with a glass of water:

this is especially appreciated.




Apple Macbook Pro (11-inch, December 2010) OS 10.6.6, running Keynote presentation software (version 4)

Audio / video will come from the following:

Audio out – 3.5mm audio minijack – aka TRS connector (female)

Video out – VGA (female)Remember:

Please double-check your projector is Mac compatible! Not all projectors are!


Tim uses a Logitech C-UR37 infrared remote to navigate through his presentation.