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Clarity of an awarded speaker

Audience approval ratings consistently place Tim above 90%. His presentations are energetic, engaging and fun. Tim inspires people to see opportunities that others miss.

Eye on the future

Tim's leadership on a range of foresight programs and research projects means you benefit from a depth of expertise and experience.

Insight of a trusted advisor

Some of the world’s largest organisations benefit from Tim's counsel. He is advisor to organisations including Microsoft, Fuji Xerox, Johnson & Johnson and IKEA.

Finger on the pulse

As a boardroom advisor, Tim knows the major drivers for change and how the savviest companies are adapting.

Conviction of a seasoned strategist

Tim is Strategy Lead at Key Message, the global futures & foresight consultancy. Every day, Tim’s team advise organisations on the trends that shape our world.

Seat at the table

Tim's ability to identify tomorrow's opportunities today has led him to assignments across Asia, North America and Europe. Today, his client list includes some of the world's leading organisations.

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Tim Longhurst: Trendspotter & Futurist

Tim Longhurst identifies trends and helps organisations adapt to a changing world. An experienced futurist, Tim and his team have collaborated with a range of organisations to help them explore possibilities and seize opportunities.

Credibility and Experience

Tim is Strategy Lead at Key Message Sydney, a foresight and futures studies consultancy. He has previously been:

  • Head of Strategy at the Sydney office of Razorfish, the global digital agency, and;
  • Director of Strategy at GetUp, Australia’s largest independent political organisation.

Tim’s work as a futurist

Tim collaborates with his clients and his team at Key Message to answer two important questions:

  1. How is the world changing?
  2. What are the possibilities?

History is littered with organisations whose failure to appropriately answer these questions led to their downfall.

Exploring the future

As a futurist, Tim’s presentations on futures thinking and foresight are interactive, engaging and fun. Tim never gives the same presentation twice. His presentations are always tailored the client and rely on a combination of trend research, stakeholder interviews, and consultation with Tim’s global network of futurist colleagues.

Professional Futurist & Professional Speaker

Tim is a member of the World Futures Society (a global network of futurists) and an Associate Member of the National Speakers Association Australia (NSAA). In fact, the NSAA named Tim their NSW “Speaker Idol” for 2009.

As a professional speaker, Tim is committed to the NSAA Code of Professional Conduct.

Tim’s Blog

Tim’s blog is full of case studies, stories and anecdotes. When clients or audiences request more info on a topic, Tim posts the info to his blog to widen the conversation. Around 1000 people read the blog weekly.